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Left:Vajra or 'Diamond thunderbolt', modelled in wax. Right Amitajyoti working in her studio.
London Buddhist Arts Centre

The London Buddhist Arts Centre is a centre of the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.

Founded in 1967 by the Venerable Sangharakshita, the FWBO is an international movement whose purpose is to communicate the essential teachings of Buddhism in forms that are appropriate to the modern world.

As the spiritual life is dependent on supportive conditions, we have also established residential communities, Right Livelihood businesses and other ventures for those who wish to take their practice further. The London Buddhist Arts Centre represents an extension of this work into the sphere of art and culture.

At the London Buddhist Arts Centre we currently let twelve small studios to practicing Buddhist artists. Here we are able to provide the opportunity to pursue individual creativity and also come together, share work, ideas and inspiration.
We hope to provide a forum for radical exploration and communication of Buddhism through various forms of artistic expression – currently we rent space to painters, a writer, a sculptor, a print-maker, a ceramicist and a weaver.

We also make our larger studios available to Buddhist practitioners to teach artistic skills, and share experience. In time we hope to re-establish our programme of workshops, seminars, lectures, performances and exhibitions in various artistic disciplines.

We aim to enable the individual to make a vivid, imaginative connection with the Buddha’s teachings and, within that context, to awaken their creative potential.

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